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Global Health Volunteer- Project Limón, Nicaragua

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As one of the poorest countries in the Americas, Nicaragua presents serious challenges related to health care. Nearly half of Nicaragua's population live below the poverty line and nearly half lack sustained access to proper sanitation. Only 6.3% of. . .
Limon, Nicaragua
Flexible dates available. Duration: 1 week to 12 months
The cost of your program includes the program donation that supports our project sites as well as housing, food, and in-country ground transportation. Peak (January, March, May, June, July): $1234 per week Semi-peak (December, February, August, September): $1134 per week Non-peak (April, October, November): $1034 per week For long-term volunteer experiences, contact missions@fimrc.org to discuss a discounted cost structure. Additional approximate costs include: Roundtrip airfare ranging between $400-$700. Recommended spending money of $150 per week, at the discretion of the volunteer
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