Pamela Hawley Writes for Unreasonable Institute

Sep 5, 2014

Our CEO recently became a contributor to Unreasonable Institute's blog.  Check out her first article: "Thinking About Being an Entrepreneur? Five Things to Consider."  Pamela discusses some ways to know if you're really called to entrepreneurship.

A quick excerpt:

I often get questions as to whether being an entrepreneur is the right pathway for someone. To be honest, if you’re asking that question, it might not be right—but, it might. What I am speaking about is a long-term entrepreneur. The kind who wants to build an enduring product and service. Not someone who starts something, and leaves.

So when people say to me “I think I want to be an entrepreneur,” here are the top five things I would consider as a first time, potential entrepreneur. First, let’s talk about, quite simply, “the feel” of being an entrepreneur.

Unreasonable's blog is "a news resource and gathering place for those hungry to solve the world’s biggest problems. Each day, we publish articles, videos, essays, and advice by some of the greatest innovators and thought leaders of our time."  UniversalGiving is honored to contribute!

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