SOCAP14: Disruptive Giving

Sep 2, 2014

Pamela Hawley, as part of The No Cut Club, was chosen to speak on a panel at SOCAP14.  The panel is "Reject the System: Disruptive Giving" and will explore innovative models for nonprofits.  SOCAP14 promises to bring together "global innovators, investors, foundations, governments, institutions, and social entrepreneurs to build the world we want to leave to future generations."

Come to the conference at Fort Mason Center in San Francisco, and make sure you attend The No Cut Club's panel!

Panel Description:

Money, money, money. Donors are faced with a never-ending parade of worthy causes. We want to provide clean water! We are training leaders! On and on. While working to combat poverty, modern non-profits must also navigate the game-changing social and technological innovations affecting (and sometimes overwhelming) their donors. How can charities remain mission-focused while re-imagining those relationships? Learn how DIGDEEP, UniversalGiving, and Groundwork Opportunities (GO) are disrupting the traditional giving model, by inspiring donors to become activists, advocates, and storytellers for a number of causes, in unique and unprecedented ways.



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