Pamela Hawley on SEE Change Magazine

Jun 11, 2014

 Pamela Hawley, Founder and CEO of UniversalGiving, published an article in SEE Change Magazine, titled "Poverty is Changing - Shouldn't We?"   Pamela highlights the need to give through qualitative means to alleviate poverty in the modern world. SEE Change Magazine is Canada's first publication for and about social enterprise and social entrepreneurship. 

"Helping is not just about giving money—it's also about training a future workforce within a community. We feel good when we donate, but we also feel good when we are productive, give of our talents and have a calling. We need to afford that opportunity to everyone. The success in the war against world poverty is, in part, due to the long-term economic success of developing nations, especially economic growth in Africa, Indonesia and Southeast Asia; China and the Chinese economy; strong social programs in South America; and investments by both philanthropic and for-profit groups."

To read more about Pamela and her take on tackling modern-day poverty, click here


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