Interview on Smart Women Talk Radio

Mar 11, 2014

CEO Pamela Hawley will be interviewed on March 11th at 8 am PST, discussing how anyone can give back to the global community.  Pamela and hosts Katana Abbot and Vicky Trabosh will discuss the new way individuals and organizations can give back to the international community through donating time, talent and project fund money to people in need throughout the world.

Key take-aways will include:

1.      How you, and your family or friends, can make a real difference in the world.

2.      How today’s leading organizations see ‘giving back’ as imperative to their bottom line.

3.      How giving back gives you more than you could imagine.

Pamela will also talk about our new partnership in voluntourism with ASPIRE.  Listen online here, and check out Smart Women Talk Radio's new mobile app!

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