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Each year on June 20th the United Nations and countless civic groups around the world celebrate World Refugee Day, a day to honor the courage and determination of the people who are forced to flee their homes due to political, religious, ethical, and environmental reasons.  

Facing violence, prejudice, and discrimination, even in the country that they find refuge in, displaced people face many challenges as they try to rebuild their lives. With over 43.7 million refugees around the world, forced displacement is a growing world crisis.

This year the UN refugee agency is rolling out a new campaign, "Dilemmas," which depicts some of the tough choices facing refugees, helping the public to empathize with, and understand, their dilemma. This year’s theme is “Refugees have no choice. You do” and calls for action by asking us to be a part in supporting refugees around the world.

You can take action by donating to or volunteering with one of our top-quality partners organizations committed to aiding refugees and bringing awareness to this humanitarian crisis. All NGOs featured on UniversalGiving are thoroughly vetted, assuring that they all meet the highest standards of quality, transparency, and trust. 100% of donations made through UniversalGiving go directly to your chosen cause.

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