Help the Victims of Oklahoma's Tornado

On Monday, May 20th, a tornado struck Moore, Oklahoma with devastating effects.  At least 24 people were killed, and hundreds of homes destroyed.  Aid teams are deploying to help the victims.

Two of UniversalGiving's NGOs are at work in Oklahoma assisting with the disaster relief.

Operation USA is readying essential material aid – emergency, shelter and cleaning supplies – to send to where it’s most needed. Any funds collected for the disaster will be spent in Oklahoma helping community health organizations and schools recover from damage sustained from the severe storm system.

Donate to Operation USA's Project.

Team Rubicon is activating resources and gathering volunteers to deploy a team into the area.  Team Rubicon mobilizes teams of veterans to respond to disaster situations in the United States.

Donate to Team Rubicon's Oklahoma Response or outfit a veteran volunteer.

Thank you for your support in this time of crisis!  Our thoughts and best wishes are with the victims, and all those working to aid them.

Read more about the crisis from our partner, The Christian Science Monitor.

Photo courtesy of The Christian Science Monitor.

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