Take Action Against Gender Violence

Nov 15, 2005

November 25, 2005 marks the annual International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women. Celebrate by supporting groups that improve women?s lives around the world!

The date honors the memory of the Mirabal sisters, three influential political activists in the Dominican Republic. On November 25 1960, the sisters were violently assassinated by the then dictator, Trujillo. They have since been heralded the ?Unforgettable Butterflies?, a symbol against women?s victimization.

Violence against women is a staggering world issue. Sexual violence, people trafficking, domestic abuse, infanticide, and female genital mutilation are among the critical issues affecting millions of women each year. UniversalGiving would like to congratulate the Global Fund for Women and the thousands of African women who worked to make the Protocol on Women?s Rights an official part of the African Charter on Human and People?s Rights. It will go into effect on this year?s International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women!

Take action and support outstanding efforts of organizations that champion women!

Heartland Alliance International Programs: Heartland Alliance has subcontracted with ASUDA, a women?s organization in northern Iraq, to assist incarcerated women and monitor jail conditions for women throughout the area administered by the Kurdistan Regional Government, and to provide legal assistance and health care to victims of domestic violence at Asuda?s shelter in Suleymaniya.

Prerana (Sponsored by Whole Child Initiative): Prerana works to effect appropriate changes in the legislation, policies and programs pertaining to trafficking and prostitution, and has pioneered programs to sensitize and train police and other agencies in anti-trafficking work.

Women's Global Health Imperative: Women?s disempowered status relative to men is gaining attention as a risk factor for HIV and other STIs. The subordination of women in a patriarchal family structure is considered to be the primary cause of women?s poor reproductive health in India. This study seeks to characterize the nature of gender-based power and its association with HIV and other STIs among married women and their husbands in Bangalore, India.

Women for Women International: Women for Women International provides women survivors of war with the tools and resources they need to restart their lives in ways that are sustainable, productive and secure. Using a multi-phased approach, the organization provides direct financial aid, emotional support, rights awreness education and leadership training, vocational skills training and income-generation support.

Pacific Institute for Women's Health: The Pacific Institute for Women's Health believes that women's health is a human right, and that access to contraception, reproductive freedom and gender equality are central to women's empowerment and social justice. Our mission is to increase the ability of women to make informed decisions about their sexuality and reproduction.

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