UniversalGiving CEO Speaks at the Mary Baker Eddy Library

Nov 4, 2010

What are the main forces shaping society and the global economy? One might say governments and multinational corporations. But there is a new difference maker on the scene, the social entrepreneur.

What is a social entrepreneur? The answer is not a gregarious businessperson, but individuals and organizations that bring a creative and incentive-based approach to solving entrenched social and economic problems. From Bangladesh to Boston, social entrepreneurship is changing our world. Three trailblazers in the field will discuss the implications and potential of this movement at The Mary Baker Eddy Library on Thursday, November 4.

David Bornstein, author of How to Change the World: Social Entrepreneurship and the Power of New Ideas, is a distinguished journalist and the author of several books on social entrepreneurship. His book The Price of a Dream: The Story of the Grameen Bank looks at the development of “micro-finance,” and the work of Nobel Peace Prize winner, Muhammad Yunus.

Alan Khazei is one of America’s best known social entrepreneurs. He co-founded City Year in 1988 to engage young citizens in community service, which drew President Bill Clinton’s interest and led to the establishment of the AmeriCorps program for citizen service on a national level. He is also the author of Big Citizenship: How Pragmatic Idealism Can Bring Out the Best in America.

Pamela Hawley is a leader in the social entrepreneurial revolution as the founder and CEO of Universal Giving and winner of the Jefferson Award (the Nobel Prize for Public Service). Her Web site, UniversalGiving.org, provides research and insight for volunteers and donors about social enterprises throughout the world.

Although social entrepreneurship is a new term and a new movement, David Bornstein describes 13th century St. Francis of Assisi and 19th century Florence Nightingale as social entrepreneurs. St. Francis established the Franciscans, the fastest-growing religious order of its day. Nightingale pioneered modern nursing, revolutionizing approaches to sanitation, hospital management, and patient care.

Mary Baker Eddy was a bestselling author, publisher, teacher, healer, and leader of a new spiritual movement. Was she also a social entrepreneur? Join us for this discussion and find out more about those who are constructing new models for improving and nurturing our world.

The event begins at 7 p.m. in the Hall of Ideas at the Library. General admission is $8, or $5 for Friends of the Library. Please make your reservations online, or by calling 617-450-7200.

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