UniversalGiving CEO featured in SEE Change Magazine

Oct 1, 2010

In a recent feature in SEE Change Magazine, UniversalGiving CEO Pamela Hawley discusses some of the challenges she faced in establishing UniversalGiving--and the ways in which she was able to overcome them.

As Pamela shares, an important first step in social entrepreneurship is identifying a market for your idea. Equally important is an enjoyment of the process:

One beautiful lesson I've been able to articulate as I've grown as a social entrepreneur is that you “Love the In-Between.” If you do too, then you'll make a fine social entrepreneur.

That's actually the meaning behind the French word, "entrepreneur." Technically, it means "between the taking," meaning you are able to bridge the gap, take the jump, make it happen. It takes belief and spirit behind the physical, tangible evidence.

We certainly faced that early on with UniversalGiving™. Even while billions of people were starving abroad, one prominent foundation executive said, “The question is...is there even a market for international giving? Who would want to give to another country?”

To read the full article, please click here.

Update: UniversalGiving's Gift Packages have also been featured on See Change's blog in an article for the holidays!

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