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"As a result of our partnership with UniversalGiving we have received over $15,000 in donations in a short period of time.  UniversalGiving markets our organization...As a result we are now a vision for global literacy with a broader audience."

John Wood, Founder and CEO of Room to Read


Find Ways to Support the Causes You Care About

UniversalGiving™ offers hundreds of opportunities to give, in over 100 countries.  Through UniversalGiving, you can help an impoverished child, build a well, protect animals, plant trees, and more—you can make it happen by giving your money, or by volunteering your time.

Explore our Top Gift Packages and Top Volunteer Opportunities.  For more ideas, search our site by cause, country or keyword to find the opportunity you want to support.


Explore Our Variety of Ways to Give

UniversalGiving provides you with the ability to give the way you want to.  We offer a variety of opportunities and services, making it easy for you to take action!

Organizations: Give to the NGOs of your choice, supporting their work.

Projects: Choose a specific initiative an NGO has listed on our site, and contribute toward its funding goal.  Pool funds with other like-minded givers, helping the NGO accomplish their project.

Gift Packages: Give a smaller amount to achieve a specific purpose and, if you choose, give it on behalf of a loved one.  See our Top Gift Packages.  They’re perfect for holidays and special occasions! 

Quick Gifts: Do you have lots of donations to make for the holidays or a special event, and little time to do it?  We make it easy.  On our Quick Gifts page, you can select multiple donations in just a few clicks, and then personalize notification emails for each friend you’re giving on behalf of.

Gift Registries: Assemble a Wish List of your favorite opportunities.  Share it with your friends, encouraging them to donate for your special events.

Volunteer: If you’re looking to be involved in a more hands-on way, we can connect you with opportunities to volunteer with our NGO partners.  See our Top Volunteer Opportunities.


Trust That You’re Contributing to a Top Organization

Putting an opportunity on our site starts with our innovative Quality Model™ process – the most rigorous in the industry. Working with international experts, we take NGOs through multiple levels of due diligence screening, partnering only with those that are exceptional.  Learn more about our Quality Model.


Support UniversalGiving’s Mission

UniversalGiving is a free service.  You can choose to support our work.


“We travel to see the world--but if we want to ensure that there will always be a world left worth seeing… Here’s what you can do to help… Go to UniversalGiving.org.”

Los Angeles Times



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