Help Bring Relief to Victims of Ugandan Violence

The rising cost of living in Uganda has led people to take to the streets in protest in recent days. Thursday, an intended solidarity “walk to work” day, turned violent as authorities reportedly used disproportionate amounts of force resulting in many of the peaceful protesters being taken to the hospital or to prison. In an attempt to halt the spread of these protests, many opposition political leaders have been arrested, including Kizza Besigye, the runner up in the recent presidential elections. As police continue to assault protesters with beatings, tear gas, rubber bullets, and in some reported instances live ammunition, civilians continue to pour in to local hospitals.

UniversalGiving’s partner Groundwork Opportunities is working tirelessly in Uganda to report the truth on the recent uprising and to provide support to the victims of police violence. GO’s team is currently working directly with the civilian victims of the demonstrations and have made direct contact with a local hospital in Kampala to help these innocent bystanders.

Media Sources: New York Times, BBC News, Groundwork Opportunities

How can you help Ugandans caught in the violence?
Support Groundwork Opportunities efforts by donating to their Stop the Violence in Uganda campaign. 100% of donations made through UniversalGiving will go directly to Groundwork Opportunities, and in turn they are sending 100% of donations to the Mulago Hospital in order to help them care for the victims of violence.

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