Help Educate and Empower Women: The Carr Educational Foundation - Daraja Academy

UniversalGiving is thrilled to announce our new partnership with The Carr Educational Foundation- Daraja Academy!

Founded by a Bay Area couple, The Carr Educational Foundation works to provide a transformative education to gifted African girls who would otherwise have few opportunities for a better life. The Foundation’s first school, the Daraja Academy in Kenya, offers students not only traditional classes, but also an education in areas such as sustainable gardening, sex education, and women’s empowerment so that, by the time they leave the school, girls have to tools to reach out to their communities and improve their life and their society. On top of all that- the school is the first free school in East Africa offering secondary education to girls!

The Carr Educational Foundation has received strong support and partnership from Deborah Santana. Ms. Santana, who is an author, philanthropist, and activist for peace and social justice, was drawn to the Daraja Academy as an opportunity to encourage and strengthen girls on their life journeys. Inspired by the work of the Daraja Academy, Ms. Santana partnered with Emmy-Award winning director Barbara Rick to produce a film called "The Girls of Daraja". Ms. Santana has also authored a memoir, is a board member of ANSA (Artists for a New South Africa), and founder of Do A Little. Ms. Santana has won the UCLA César E. Chávez Spirit Award and the Martin Luther King, Jr. Humanitarian Award in Marin, amongst an extensive list of other honors.

The UN has made closing the gender gap in education a priority. The UNFPA explains that educating women and girls is one of the most effective ways to reduce poverty. Not only is education the starting point for many other opportunities for women, but also educated women are more likely than men to ensure education for their children. These women tend to marry later and have smaller, healthier families, and are more likely to know and claim their rights. UniversalGiving congratulates The Carr Educational Foundation for the inspirational impact it’s having in Kenya. Welcome to the UniversalGiving community!

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Watch Girls of Daraja, winner of the Jury Prize at the “Lights. Camera. Help” film festival:
The Girls Of Daraja

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