September Kicks off Hunger Action Month: How Will You Act?

Established by Feeding America in 2008, Hunger Action Month is a reminder to all that world hunger is real, it is devastating, and it is a problem that we all must solve together. Families around the world are unable to put food on the table day after day, leading to malnutrition and starvation. The suffering and the death could be prevented--with your help. Do your part to help end world hunger by contributing to the following causes on UniversalGiving (remember--each organization has been through a thorough vetting process, ensuring only the top quality, trust, and transparency, and 100% of your donation goes to the cause)!


Top Giving & Volunteering Opportunities for World Hunger:


World Food Program USA. WFP is the world’s largest hunger relief organization, and as such, is on the ground each and every day delivering food to those who need it. WFP has reached an incredible 80.9 million people in 75 different countries. The people of WFP are truly heroes--and you can be, too. A gift of just $15 can provide a month’s supply of emergency food to a person in need.  Conflict, disease, and natural disaster are some of the causes that push people into chronic hunger--be a lifeline today.


Osa Conservation. Is volunteering more your style? Would you like to take a more hands-on approach to solving world hunger? Then look no further: Osa Conservation in Costa Rica is the place for you. In recent years, there has been a massive shift towards sustainability in farming. You can be a part of the movement! Help maintain a sustainable farm, feed and help the animals, maintain the greenhouse, and grow amazing, fresh food with Osa Conservation.


Achungo Community Center. In rural southwest Kenya, Achungo Community Center provides meals to 270 students--many of whom are orphans living in extreme poverty. These students  rely upon Achungo to eat. Any contribution helps, but for $100, you can feed the entire group for a whole day. In this area of the world, many, many people go hungry between harvests and need your help. There’s no better time to help than Hunger Action Month--act now!


Let Kids be Kids Inc. For some of us, Washington state in the U.S. is closer to home. Did you know that recent USDA figures show that have shown a significant jump in the number of hungry kids in Washington? Your contribution will go towards feeding these hungry kids, as well as contribute to local food distributors so they can continue their work. Find it in your heart to donate today!


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