Happy Women's Equality Day from UniversalGiving!

On August 26th, 1920, women in the United States were finally given the right to vote following the 19th Amendment. Women’s Equality Day--today--is a national holiday to commemorate and celebrate this historic moment.


In 1971, a resolution was passed by U.S. Representative Bella Azbug designating every August 26th Women’s Equality Day. Many years have passed since then, of course--but, while there is significant progress in the women’s rights movement, issues such as the wage gap and rampant sexual assault keep women from enjoying the same basic equality as men.


These issues are widespread around the world. Simply put, it is not a safe world for women. Women and girls are routinely denied education, routinely denied ownership of their bodies, and routinely denied a voice. This needs to stop. You can make a difference in the lives of women around the world in honor of Women’s Equality Day, because every woman deserves equal treatment. Just take a moment to look through the following giving opportunities that support women everywhere. You can change living situations for women and girls dramatically. Start today: here’s how.


Top Projects:


1. Children of the Night. Children of the Night, established in the year 1979, is a non-profit organization dedicated to protecting and saving America's children from prostitution. Prostitution affects women and men, boys and girls--but young girls are especially susceptible to sexual violence. Funding this project will give children on the streets who have no parents or resources some hope: access to residential placements, psychiatric care, necessary medication, and more. These children have no support in their lives: you can give them the help they need.


2. Helen Keller International. Funding this project will contribute to HKI’s Homestead Food Production program to fight world hunger. HKI helps improve local communities in Africa and Asia by creating year-round gardens with nutrient-rich fruits and vegetables, not to mention small farms for raising livestock. This project exists specifically to empower local women, who will organize 90% of the gardens; their involvement allows them to contribute to the economic stability of their families and provide their children nutritious food.  Thanks to HKI, these women are empowered,  given a chance to contribute meaningfully to their communities while helping their families survive.  


3. Polder Inc. Through Polder Inc., women in the poverty-stricken Eastern regions of India will be given important training on dairy farming, allowing them to contribute to their family’s income and to their communities at large. These new skills will allow them to sustainable a viable dairy--this farm will then become their livelihoods. Through learning important sales techniques and farming techniques, they will be empowered to rise above the traditional gender roles and towards equality. With your help, women in Eastern India can be given the skills they need to contribute positively to their communities. They can be given a new life, and given the chance to contribute positively to the surrounding societies at large.


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