Parent's Day: Celebrating Positive Role Models for Children

Sometimes, Mother's Day and Father's Day just aren't enough to show your full appreciation for the parental figures in your life. Thankfully, there's July 26th--Parent's Day!


Parent’s Day is a holiday to promote responsible parenting and to honor the amazing parental figures that shape children’s lives. The tradition begun in the year 1994, when President Bill Clinton signed a resolution declaring every fourth Sunday of July as Parent’s Day. According to the Congressional Resolution, Parent’s Day exists for “recognizing, uplifting, and supporting the role of parents in the rearing of children”.


Children, of course, are the leaders of tomorrow, and every child deserves a good support system, including parental figures. Unfortunately, in this world that we live in, not every child is given what he or she deserves.


We may live our personal lives not truly believing in our own power to make a difference around the world in the lives of people we have never met in places we have never  visited--but we can make a difference. It’s simple.


Through UniversalGiving, you can give a gift or fund a project supporting a child in need. Or, if volunteering is more your style, you can travel to a faraway place and work to better the lives of children yourself, in a more hands-on, interactive way. We all have the potential to change the lives of those around us, and with modern technology, we can even change the lives of those who are far, far away. Check out the following giving opportunities to support children who need the guidance and support of parental figures: Give Your 100%!


Top Project: Children of the Night With Out Walls (WOW). Children of the Night, established in the year 1979, is a non-profit organization dedicated to protecting and saving America's children from prostitution. Funding this WOW project will give children on the streets who have no parents or resources some hope: access to residential placements, psychiatric care, necessary medication, and more. These children have no support in their lives: you can give them the help they need.


Top Gift: Nepal Orphans Home. Your $25 gift will buy five to ten novels for the children of Nepal Orphans Home. Parent’s Day is all about celebrating children, honoring those who provide children with the necessary tools they need to survive and thrive. Children at Nepal Orphans Home have had a rough start to life; they are orphaned, abandoned, or simply not supported by their parents.  You can be their hero with just $25 by providing them with a new set of books to read during Saturday book clubs.

Top Volunteer Opportunity: Volunteer with Global Volunteer Network (GVN) Foundation in Ghana. GVN Foundation believes in unlocking the potential of vulnerable communities around the world. One such community is the Volta Region of Ghana, where volunteers will work hands-on with children in need, assisting them with homework, tutoring them, and being a mentor in general. These children need positive role models--there is no better way to celebrate Parent’s Day than being a positive force in a child’s life yourself.

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