Serve the Global Public: It's UN Public Service Day!

In 2003, the United Nations declared June 23rd United Nations Public Service Day in order to celebrate the value of public service, honor those who serve their communities, and encourage members of the public to get involved in bettering their surrounding communities. Dedicated public servants around the world work tirelessly to improve living situations for others, and are often not given the recognition they deserve.

In their honor, the UN Public Service Day Awards Ceremony and Forum 2015 will be held Medellin, Colombia from June 23rd to June 26th.

This year, join UniversalGiving in celebrating United Nations Public Service Day and engage in bettering communities in need of your help. Show thanks to the public servants who have given so much to your community by paying it forward: donate your time or resources to one of UniversalGiving’s top-quality, thoroughly vetted organizations! We are proud to say that 100% of donations made through UniversalGiving goes directly to the cause, and our organizations are held to the highest standards of quality, transparency, and trust. See some of the worthy causes below and participate in public service today!

  1. What If? Foundation. The Caribbean country of Haiti is home to countless hungry children. What If? Foundation provides meals to needy children of Port-au-Prince, the largest city in Haiti, and also its capital. A gift of just $24 provides a month’s worth of meals to a hungry Haitian child: a large plate of vegetables, rice, beans, and meat. These children don't always know when their next meal is coming--ease that worry for a month.

  2. Operation USA. Typhoon Haiyan, also known as Typhoon Yolanda, was one of the strongest tropical storms ever recorded--as a result, South East Asia, and especially the Philippines, was devastated in its wake. Although the typhoon took place in late 2013, these regions are still struggling to recover and rebuild. Your gift of $25 will go a long way in helping rebuild the area’s infrastructure and economy.They need your help to rebuild their very lives; donate today.

  3. Nepal Orphans Home Inc. For the children of Papa’s House in Nepal, fruit--especially fresh fruit--is a luxury. Every child should have access to natural, nutritious food, but unfortunately, this is not the case. A gift to Nepal Orphans Home Inc. will not only give these orphans access to the nutrition they need, it will also give them a special treat to look forward to. Just $50 will provide 140 children of Dhapasi with a serving of fruit. Brighten these kids’ days with the simple gift of fruit.


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