Microfinance Brings Macro-Impact

Feb 22, 2006

Take part in breaking the cycle of poverty and support organizations that provide micro-credit to the world?s poor!

Today, more than 900 million people live in unsanitary conditions without access to clean drinking water. 3 billion people, half our world?s population, live on less than $2 per day. For these people, survival is a daily struggle resulting in a generational cycle of suffering.

Yet, with the right kind of help, the cycle can be broken. For example, Pro Mujer was able to provide Elsa, a mother of five in Nicaragua, with technical assistance and micro-loans. Elsa now has three potter?s wheels and with her family?s help, makes over 100 pieces of high-quality bowls, cups, and plates per week. Elsa?s new income provides stability for her family and has allowed her to send two children to university.

Micro-finance has become an empowering source of hope, and its success has spurred its popularity. Unitus, a global microfinance accelerator, reports that now 80 million people are served by micro-finance. By extending small loans to those who wouldn?t normally qualify, micro-credit has given people the resources to forge their own way out of poverty.

Empower people like Elsa by supporting the following organizations involved in micro-finance!

Unitus has created a unique way to accelerate the growth of microfinance institutions worldwide. Our innovative venture investment approach vastly increases the number of loans an existing MFI can make to the world's poorest, thus empowering exponentially more families to work their way out of poverty.

ACCION International
In January 2004, ACCION was named one of the top 20 organizations ?changing the world? by Fast Company magazine. In this inaugural award, ACCION's pioneering role in microfinance was recognized for generating tangible results in fighting poverty by bringing a full range of financial services to the poor.

Grameen Foundation
GF-USA provides a unique combination of financing, technical assistance, and technology consulting to micro-finance institutions (MFIs) around the world to help them reach their poverty reduction goals.

Pro Mujer
Pro Mujer?s integrated model of credit, savings, and training services offered through its village bank methodology was developed in Bolivia and has improved with each replication. Pro Mujer?s communal bank methodology is designed specifically to empower poor women to be more effective in all areas of their lives?at home, at work and in their communities.

Trickle Up Program
While numerous aid organizations exist to alleviate poverty, Trickle Up is unique in that we target individuals who have the motivation to start their own businesses, but who are unable to access even a micro-loan for initial start-up costs. Trickle Up has launched more than 125,000 businesses, helping over a half-million people in 119 countries raise their standard of living. We currently work in 16 countries in Africa, Asia, the Americas, and the U.S.

Village Enterprise Fund (VEF)
Village Enterprise Fund helps the poorest of the poor launch microenterprises in rural parts of Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania. The clients served are subsistence farmers who grow their own food during the rainy seasons and struggle to survive the other half of the year.

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