The Power of the Invisible Sun

UniversalGiving has partnered with Bobby Sager to promote his new book, The Power of the Invisible Sun. Sager, a successful businessman, founded the Sager Family Foundation in an effort to encourage international change.

The site describes the origins of Sager's new project:

Across the world, if you’ve ever worked in resource-poor areas, you’ve seen the heart-breaking sight of so many kids like Moise using garbage bags tied with string as a ball – or if they’ve managed to get a real ball, it’s almost always deflated and barely usable, beaten to shreds by children wanting to make it their own. These kids come from some of the darkest corners of the planet - plagued by conflict, war, poverty, disease. Yet even in the direst of circumstances and with barely usable equipment, they play on - encouraged by the tiniest sliver of light that just a moment of play can provide.

Bobby may have met and photographed Moise in 2005, but the memory of this boy and his ball stayed with him for years to follow. His photo then touched over 4 million audience members as it was projected up on stage across stadiums during Sting’s 2008 Police reunion tour and performance of INVISIBLE SUN, an anthem of hope.

Inspired to give kids like Moise "something more", Bobby joined forces with Sting and inventor Tim Jahnigen in developing something quite extraordinary and revolutionary: an indestructible soccer ball.

While a soccer ball may seem a small thing to most, an indestructible soccer ball can mean so much more to a kid in really messed up places. Surviving the dirt roads and lots scattered with glass and debris they're so often kicked around on, each ball will come to represent an incredible and elevated sense of durability, longevity, possibility, hope. Put simply, these balls won’t let them down – and are the entry point to learning critical life skills through play – discipline, teamwork, citizenship, knowing how to give constructive feedback, and being a supportive friend.

But it’s key to remember that a concrete baby step is as important to the giver as it is to the receiver, with an exponential “return on investment” on both sides. A hand up (not a hand out) not only affects the person you are trying to help, it also affects you with the incredible “learning, living and feeling that flows through every human connection.” As Bobby writes, “It’s a win-win. Just do the math.”

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