Country Focus - Haiti

Haiti occupies the western portion of the island of Hispaniola bordering the Dominican Republic in the Caribbean ocean and is home to about 9 million people. The former French colony was the first back republic to declare independence in 1804.  This nation is rich in a fusion of French, African, and native Taino culture which can be seen in both its food and music.

Unfortunately, Haiti is the poorest country in the western hemisphere and has been rocked by political instability, and most recently a series of hurricanes since August of last year. While it works tirelessly to rebuild the economy, homes, and land that were destroyed, there is something that you can do to give this island nation a boost, and below are ways that can help build sustainable livelihoods:

Gift Package: Transform Haiti by Planting a Grove of Trees
Your gift will help plant 1 million trees and provide training and technical assistance from agronomists, and strengthen reforestation efforts.

Gift Package: Start a Micro Enterprise in Haiti
With $750 you can help a hard working Haitian start a micro enterprise and boost the economy of a village.  It takes a community effort to keep villages afloat and increasing buisinesses is the start to a sustainable future. 

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