Global Focus - Food

Countries in the developing world have been hit hardest by the surging cost of food most of which spend from half to three quarters of their income. Help ease the sting of the global food crisis and feed the hungry.

Pamela Hawley's Interview with Millard Fuller, founder of Habitat for Humanity & The Fuller Center for Housing

In the fall of 2008, Pamela Hawley of UniversalGiving had the opportunity to speak with the Founder of Habitat for Humanity & The Fuller Center for Housing, Millard Fuller. Pamela had met Millard after speaking at the Renaissance Group conference meeting in Santa Barbara and had very inspiring conversations about life and one's motivations. We publish this interview as a tribute, with sincere gratitude to Millard Fuller and his life-long devotion to our communities, and, to living a simple life.

Read the full interview and be inspired to get involved! Click here to support the many Fuller Center housing projects all over the world.

UniversalGiving's Gift Packages Featured on CNN Money.com

UniversalGiving was featured in CNN Money.com in an article about holiday season charitable giving! 


Our founder and CEO, Pamela Hawley, was quoted in the article:

"UniversalGiving processes 40 to 50 times more gift packages during November and December than any other time of the year."


To give a meaningful gift, choose from an exceptional list of gift packages in the spotlight below!


To read the full article featured on CNN Money.com: Spending big to save the planet

Companies rely on UniversalGiving for their Global Community Relations Programs

UniversalGiving is a leader in the area of Global Corporate Social Responsibility. Our customized service, UniversalGiving Corporate, helps companies manage their worldwide employee giving and volunteer programs.  Part of our global community relations management includes all NGO vetting through our trademarked QualityModel™. Hear what our clients are saying about us:
"Supporting employee engagement in global philanthropy and volunteering is a passion of mine!  UniversalGiving™ is committed to providing the highest quality NGO relationships and excellence in client services that allow Cisco employees to make a difference in local communities around the world. I am personally very excited and proud of this new partnership."
                 -   Maggie Larson, Senior Manager, Community Relations, Cisco Systems
For information on UniversalGiving Corporate, please email info@universalgiving.org.

Celebrate Women in Our Global Community!

The women’s movement has seen many successes: women’s suffrage, increased participation in the political and economic structures and increased access to education. Everyday should be a day for the world to reflect on the progress made, the sacrifices endured and the valor and determination that has gotten this movement to where it is today, but also to look to the future and see what more can be done.

Dr. Jeffrey Sachs on the Strategic Steps Out of Poverty

UniversalGiving's CEO, Pamela Hawley, held a private interview with Dr. Jeffrey Sachs, world renowned economist who has devoted his life to strategically alleviating poverty. Watch the video!

Support Earth-Saving Efforts!

Turn celebration into action this Earth Day! Learn about innovative examples of Earth-saving work-- that you can support. For example, Seacology works to preserve highly endangered....

Microfinance Brings Macro-Impact

Today, more than 900 million people live in unsanitary conditions without access to clean drinking water. For these people, survival is a daily struggle resulting in a generational cycle of suffering. Take part in breaking this cycle of poverty and support organizations that provide micro-credit to the world?s poor!

Educating the Next Generation

Strong education sets the groundwork for world progress. Statistics show that with greater education economies grow, populations decrease, and overall health is improved. There is work to be done! Today, 130 million children remain out of school and over 880 million youth and adults are illiterate.

Take Action Against Gender Violence

November 25, 2005 marks the annual International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women. Celebrate by supporting groups that improve women's lives around the world!

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