UniversalGiving Wins Opportunity Knocks "Best Places to Work" Award

UniversalGiving was one of 15 organizations to win the Opportunity Knocks Fourth Annual Best Nonprofits to Work For Award after being nominated by a UniversalGiving employee. Opportunity Knocks, an online resource for those searching for jobs in the nonprofit sector, based their selection on essays submitted by employees and considered factors such as value of work/life balance, employee camaraderie, adherence to mission and more. While the award surprises no one at UniversalGiving, it is a great honor.

Help Educate and Empower Women: The Carr Educational Foundation - Daraja Academy

UniversalGiving is thrilled to announce our new partnership with The Carr Educational Foundation- Daraja Academy!

Founded by a Bay Area couple, The Carr Educational Foundation works to provide a transformative education to gifted African girls who would otherwise have few opportunities for a better life. The Foundation’s first school, the Daraja Academy in Kenya, offers students not only traditional classes, but also an education in areas such as sustainable gardening, sex education, and women’s empowerment so that, by the time they leave the school, girls have to tools to reach out to their communities and improve their life and their society. On top of all that- the school is the first free school in East Africa offering secondary education to girls!

Check out their organization profile page here

Watch Girls of Daraja, winner of the Jury Prize at the “Lights. Camera. Help” film festival:
The Girls Of Daraja

UniversalGiving in Cisco Press Release on MarketWatch

Pamela Hawley, UniversalGiving's Founder and CEO, spoke at an event recognizing this year's recipients of the Cisco Silicon Valley Impact Grants.

Pamela Hawley invited to be a Harvard Business School Panelist

The UniversalGiving Founder and CEO has been invited to serve as a panelist at Harvard Business School's Dynamic Women in Business Conference.

Pamela Hawley on WomenEntrepreneur.com

Philanthropy With A Business Model: Like a VC, UniversalGiving carefully selects charities that make the most business sense--and helps more people as a result.

Pamela Hawley on CBS News

Pamela Hawley, Founder and CEO of UniversalGiving, was recently awarded the Jefferson Award and featured on CBS Nightly News for her global philanthropic work.

Pamela Hawley To Give ForSE Keynote Address

The UniversalGiving Founder and CEO is the Keynote Speaker for the Forum for Social Entrepreneurs (ForSE) on October 23, 2009 at Babson College.

The Power of the Invisible Sun

UniversalGiving has partnered with Bobby Sager to promote his new book, The Power of the Invisible Sun. Sager, a successful businessman, founded the Sager Family Foundation in an effort to encourage international change.

UniversalGiving Receives eTown's E-Chievement Award

UniversalGiving is proud to be eTown's social organization/social entrepreneur of the month, receiving eTown's E-Chievement Award.  eTown will also be featuring an interview on their program with UniversalGiving's founder and CEO, Pamela Hawley.

Country Focus - Haiti


Help understand the plight of Haiti, a beautiful country in the Caribbean which is home to a rich melting pot of people and cultures, but is also the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere and is in great need of assistance. 

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