Support UniversalGiving with a Concert and a Raffle

On Thursday, July 10th, there will be a concert to promote upcoming film, Lost in the Sun--and UniversalGiving has partnered with the production companies, Crux Jinx and Burning Wheel.  As part of the event, a raffle will be held which benefits UniversalGiving!

Win a Honeymoon in Thailand--and Volunteer!

The Tourism Authority of Thailand is offering a "Honeyteering" Contest--you could win a dream honeymoon that also includes volunteering!  They invited UniversalGiving to share a Thailand volunteering opportunity for their packages.

UniversalGiving Partners with Patxi's Pizza in October

Last April, UniversalGiving was selected for the 52 Weeks of Giving campaign from Patxi's Pizza!  This October, we're collaborating for another day.  On October 16th, a percentage of the proceeds from their Hayes Valley Restaurant will come directly back to UniversalGiving.  It's a great opportunity to support UniversalGiving's work...and enjoy delicious pizza too!

Celebrate The International Day of the World's Indigenous People!

The United Nations has declared August 9 the International Day of the World's Indigenous People. Help the world's underrepresented minorities through today's featured gifts and projects!

Celebrate World Refugee Day with UniversalGiving!

Each year on June 20th the United Nations and countless civic groups around the world celebrate World Refugee Day, a day to honor the courage and determination of the people who are forced to flee their homes due to political, religious, ethical, and environmental reasons.

Help the Victims of Oklahoma's Tornado

On Monday, May 20th, a tornado struck Moore, Oklahoma with devastating effects.  At least 24 people were killed, and hundreds of homes destroyed.  Aid teams are deploying to help the victims.

Read more about how you can help.

UniversalGiving Partners with the Tourism Authority of Thailand

UniversalGiving has recently been working with the Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT), who have launched a contest to promote voluntourism, The Little Big Project.  One winner will receive a two-week volunteer trip to Thailand.  But everyone is invited to volunteer: TAT is partnering with other organizations, including UniversalGiving, to share volunteer opportunities.

Learn more about the contest here: www.thelittlebigprojectthailand.com

Hurricane Sandy's Path of Destruction

On October 22, 2012, Hurricane Sandy formed in the western Caribbean Sea. What started as a tropical wave progressed to a hurricane in two days, making its first stop in Jamaica.  Over the past week, Hurricane Sandy has made its way through Cuba, Haiti, most of the east coast of the United States, and eastern Canada. 

The death toll has reached approximately 160, with 80 of the fatalities in the U.S. alone. As fatalities increase and survivors are left with limited resources to counter the destruction, our NGO partners are providing necessary relief on the ground. 

Act now by donating to Hurricane Sandy relief efforts from our NGO partners:

Join UniversalGiving's Partners in Ending the Silence Around Domestic Violence & Human Trafficking

 Millions of people around the world are affected by domestic violence & human trafficking, but silence around these issues is still pervasive. Are you aware that, according to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, in the United States alone over 4.8 million women experienced intimate partner-related physical assaults, while less than 20 percent of those women sought professional medical care for their injuries? Did you know that over 300,000 children are forced into child prostitution?

Please join UniversalGiving's NGO partners working to bring awareness to an end this detrimental epidemic. Support their efforts to raise awareness, and provide support & comprehensive resources to victims of domestic violence and human trafficking by donating today!

Help Bring Relief to Victims of Ugandan Violence

The rising cost of living in Uganda has led people to take to the streets in protest in recent days. Thursday, an intended solidarity “walk to work” day, turned violent as authorities reportedly used disproportionate amounts of force resulting in many of the peaceful protesters being taken to the hospital or to prison. In an attempt to halt the spread of these protests, many opposition political leaders have been arrested, including Kizza Besigye, the runner up in the recent presidential elections. As police continue to assault protesters with beatings, tear gas, rubber bullets, and in some reported instances live ammunition, civilians continue to pour in to local hospitals.

UniversalGiving’s partner Groundwork Opportunities is working tirelessly in Uganda to report the truth on the recent uprising and to provide support to the victims of police violence. GO’s team is currently working directly with the civilian victims of the demonstrations and have made direct contact with a local hospital in Kampala to help these innocent bystanders.

Media Sources: New York Times, BBC News, Groundwork Opportunities

How can you help Ugandans caught in the violence?
Support Groundwork Opportunities efforts by donating to their Stop the Violence in Uganda campaign. 100% of donations made through UniversalGiving will go directly to Groundwork Opportunities, and in turn they are sending 100% of donations to the Mulago Hospital in order to help them care for the victims of violence.

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