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Would you like to support education in Guatemala? Come assist our classrooms!

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Classroom Assitance: The most active and accessible program and one that needs the most support from volunteers. The highest priority goes to our youngest classes so depending on how many volunteers there are, expect to be working with students aged. . .
Antigua, Guatemala
17 May 2018   to   30 Nov 2018:    $315
Flexible dates available. Duration: 1 month 1 year
1. Volunteer Support fee 2. Other services (spanish classes, living arrangements, airport pickup and drop off and others) which will depend on the volunteering package you will choose. 2. $250 donation for our 3 schools and 500 students, the volunteer team are very much willing to support you through the fundraising process, to help you get started, we?ve put together this short guide NDG Fundraising Guide, and feel free to email us if you would like to know specific projects or needs that the school has. Many volunteers are able to raise 100% of their fees and donation?and there are many ways to do it! Your Volunteer Package has to be paid completely 15 days before arrival.
Focus Areas:
Economic Development

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