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Stop Bullying and End Violence Against Children

The Big Picture

Goal: $10,000
  $2,185 raised
Kids get bullied, it is that simple but bullying has changed.

It is more violent and more relentless than ever. Violence against children continues worldwide, kids from all backgrounds and communities are subject to bullying at school that often leaves them isolated and alone, With social media being a top priority for kids the online bullying can be brutal.

Your donation to this project will help us provide more materials to help kids learn what to do in a bullying situation. We distribute valuable hotline numbers giving kids hands-on resources of where to go and who to call when they need someone to talk to or to report a violenct act.

Impact of Your Donation

Your donation will provide child friendly V Sign advocacy and awareness materials like posters, cards, fliers, stickers and bookmarks to schools and youth organizations. These materials will raise awareness, enabling more children to silently say I am in trouble, please help me, and allowing people around the world to fight violence against children.

Impact Areas

Focus Areas: Children, Technology, Education, Human Rights, Conflict Resolution
Countries Served:
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