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Sponsor a Village Program in Kenya

The Big Picture

Goal: $25,000
  $0 raised
The Big Picture: This project supports our newest Unstoppable Foundation community in rural Kenya: Nderiat. Nderiat is home to 2,000+ men, women and children. The community of Nderiat is especially vulnerable to drought and is suffering in extreme poverty.

Impact of Your Donation:
By supporting a Sponsor a Village Program in the Nderiat community, you are providing the vital infrastructure and resources to help families lift themselves out of poverty. Your donation will specifically help fund:
- 8 new classrooms, teacher offices and accommodations
- New school kitchen and nutritious meals for all students
- Water sanitation projects, including a new borehole and latrines
- Health training and access to a mobile health clinic for all community members
- Opportunity and leadership programming for parents and community elders

Impact of Your Donation

100% goes directly toward funding our international programs to help children in need. Our Unstoppable Foundation Angels make this possible by covering 100% of operating costs.

Impact Areas

Focus Areas: Children, Economic Development, Education, Health, Poverty, Gender & Equality, Food & Agriculture
Countries Served: Kenya

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