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Sponsor a Village Program in India

The Big Picture

Goal: $25,000
  $10 raised
The Big Picture: India has one-third of the world?s poor?more than all the countries of Sub-Saharan Africa combined. This Unstoppable Foundation project supports the Antri community of 4,874 people, located in the Indian state of Rajasthan, one of the country?s poorest.

The Antri community suffers from:
? Low Literacy Rate: 50% of girls do not attend school
? High maternal mortality rates
? High malnutrition rates: 50% of women & children are malnourished

Impact of your Donation: By sponsoring the Sponsor a Village Program in the Antri community, you will help:
? Fund a new K-12 School, doubling the community?s educational capacity for 600+ students
? Outfit 8 classrooms with desks, books and resources and provide teacher training
? Deepen well to provide sustainable water availability for community members, crops and livestock.
? Build new latrines at school
? Ensure every child with a nutritious daily meal.
? Provide seeds, tools, and agriculture training for community members

Impact of Your Donation

100% goes directly toward funding our international programs to help children in need. Our Unstoppable Foundation Angels make this possible by covering 100% of operating costs.

Impact Areas

Focus Areas: Children, Economic Development, Education, Health, Poverty, Gender & Equality, Food & Agriculture
Countries Served: India

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