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Sponsor a Teacher for our School for Orphans

The Big Picture

Goal: $57,000
  $35,025 raised
We provide schooling and care for orphans and destitute in rural southwest Kenya who otherwise would not be able to attend school due to their extreme poverty. Our teachers have graduated from teachers' colleges in Kenya and are not only providing an education that puts our school in the top few of the county, but has created a wonderfully loving, caring, respectful environment for our children. For $115 you can support 1 of our teachers for 1 month (we separately provide them with food, housing when needed, medical, and other support). Our current monthly budget for our entire faculty and staff at both schools is $4,700 and our annual budget is about $57,000. Please consider supporting these wonderful teachers who are playing a major role in the lives of our students and their development.

Impact of Your Donation

These funds will provide support for our faculty and staff so that our school for orphans and destitute in rural Kenya can continue improving the lives of our 600 children.

Impact Areas

Focus Areas: Children, Education, Poverty
Countries Served: Kenya

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