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Solving Tough Global Problems Through Citizen Engagement and Training

The Big Picture

Goal: $50,000
  $5,500 raised
Giraffe Heroes International is a global NGO whose mission it is to move people to "stick their necks out" to solve significant public problems. GHI now operates in nine countries, most of which suffer from poverty, injustice and violence. In each one, GHI finds local "Giraffe Heroes" (people of extraordinary courage and compassion taking risks to solve fight corruption, assaults on women and much more). When we tell the stories of Giraffe Heroes in both traditional and social media, others are inspired to take action too. GHI offers both web and in-person trainings to help political activists reach their goals.

In Zimbabwe, for example, our work helps individuals fighting for justice against a corrupt dictatorship. In Ghana, our work helped stop electoral violence. In Sierra Leone, the stories of Giraffe Heroes offer hope to people devastated by war and Ebola. Everywhere, GHI affiliates are a strong voice for independent media, holding those in power accountable.

Impact of Your Donation

It costs $250 to create and disseminate one Giraffe Hero story. That money pays for vetting nominations, interviewing heroes, getting pictures, writing and editing stories, and telling them in both traditional and social media. Your gift will help GHI triple the rate at which it tells Giraffe Hero stories, to 200 a year. It will also let us use local radio to broadcast Giraffe Heroes stories into the poorest and most distant villages, where radio is the only media possible.

Impact Areas

Focus Areas: Children, Economic Development, Education, Environment, Health, Human Rights, Poverty, Conflict Resolution, Gender & Equality
Countries Served:
All 243 countries:
  Summary by region:

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