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Solar cooker social enterprise in Oaxaca, Mexico

The Big Picture

Goal: $50,000
  $20,000 raised
SHE is currently supporting Mexican solar cooking expert Lorena Harp in her dream to bring solar cooking to the rural women of Oaxaca State through a sustainable social enterprise. She is introducing an affordable but durable panel-style solar cooker called the Haines Solar Cooker (HSC) to help reduce usage of dirty cookstoves burning fuelwood and charcoal, allowing local women to breathe cleaner air, save on cooking fuel expenses, protect their local forests, and mitigating climate change. In 2018, Lorena conducted local market research and optimized the HSC for local consumer preferences. She then trained three rural women to become ?solar cooking ambassadors? to sell HSCs for 500 pesos (about $25 USD) on a commission basis (earning 200 pesos, about $10 USD) to members of their communities and provide follow-up support to maximize adoption of this alternative cooking model. The enterprise has sold over 250 solar cookers, and will continue to grow, gaining national media attention.

Impact of Your Donation

Donations will serve to scale up and improve social enterprise operations to reach more women in need of clean solar cooking technology. Along with helping customers, it will provide more opportunities for local solar cooking ambassadors to thrive, both financially and as environmental leaders in their communities.
As sales increase, SHE?s subsidies will decrease, allowing the social enterprise to gradually gain financial independence.

Impact Areas

Focus Areas: Technology, Economic Development, Education, Environment, Health, Human Rights, Poverty, Gender & Equality
Countries Served: Mexico

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