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Help Provide Secondary School Scholarships for Destitute Kenyan Children

The Big Picture

Goal: $102,000
  $35,000 raised
In order to help 8th grade graduates from our primary school for orphans and destitute to live successful lives, secondary school (high school) education is vital. Contribute toward the scholarships for our graduates who otherwise have no money to pay for schooling or the related expenses. They have each passed the Kenyan primary certification exam in order to qualify for secondary and that is quite an achievement. Consider helping these delightful, caring, well-adjusted and hard-working children!

The optimal schools in Kenya cost about $1,200 per year inclusive of tuition, lodging, school supplies, and living expenses. (That's $100 per month or $4,800 for a student's 4 years.) We will need $119,000 to provide the next year of high school for our 93 graduates.

Impact of Your Donation

This will pay for one year of our 93 students' tuition at a quality secondary school plus their food, bedding and other living expenses as well as the costs of exams, books and school materials (the entire year of their expenses).
100% of donations go to the work in Kenya.

Impact Areas

Focus Areas: Children, Economic Development, Education, Poverty
Countries Served: Kenya

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