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Sea Turtle Conservation Program

The Big Picture

Goal: $30,000
  $0 raised
Save Osa's Sea Turtles! The goal of our sea turtle conservation program is to guarantee the health and ecological success of the sea turtles nesting on the Osa Peninsula, Costa Rica, through conservation, research, and educational outreach.
With the help of volunteers we have protected more than 16,000 sea turtle hatchlings over the last two nesting seasons and carried out a number of educational projects to raise local awareness about the importance of conservation on the Osa Peninsula.

Impact of Your Donation

While a portion of the project is funded by the program fees of volunteers, there are many other costs associated with running this conservation program.
Donations are used to fund Costa Rican field coordinator salaries, a scientific and volunteer coordinator, equipment necessary for gathering scientific data such as GPS units, headlamps, waterproof notebooks and measuring tapes, and transportation costs associated with protecting 18 kilometers of sea turtle nesting beach.

Impact Areas

Focus Areas: Environment, Animals
Countries Served: Costa Rica

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