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Saving Sight and Lives Worldwide

The Big Picture

Goal: $10,000
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285 million people in the world are blind. 80% of them don't have to be.

Helen Keller International saves sight and lives using simple, cost-effective solutions that help people reach their full potential. From providing children living in poverty in the United States with free eyeglasses to helping families in Africa and Asia cultivate home gardens filled with nutrient-rich, sight saving vegetables, we collaborate with communities to meet their specific needs. Our programs touch the lives of people living in 20 countries around the world and your gift will save sight and lives around the globe.

Impact of Your Donation

Your donation will save sight and lives by supporting Helen Keller International's programs that combat the devastating global health threats of blindness and malnutrition around the world.

Impact Areas

Focus Areas: Children, Health, Poverty
Countries Served:
All 20 countries:
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