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Save a Nepali Child from Malnutrition

The Big Picture

Goal: $181,993
  $100 raised
NYF saves malnourished children and improves the health of children and families in Nepal.

Since 1998, we?ve built 17 Nutrition Rehabilitation Homes throughout Nepal, restoring the health and vitality of more than 15,000 children while their mothers learn to keep their families well-nourished with readily available foods.

Nutrition Outreach Camps in extremely remote villages reach hundreds more families each year.

Impact of Your Donation

$260 restores a malnourished child to WHO standards of good health and provides for necessary medical care. In addition, these funds cover the education of the mother in proper child care, hygiene, and nutrition. The women are also trained in how to share this new knowledge with neighbors when she returns to her village. After a mother and child return home, NRH field workers visit them three times to provide follow-up care and instruct local villagers on proper childcare.

Impact Areas

Focus Areas: Children, Education, Health, Poverty, Gender & Equality
Countries Served: Nepal

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