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"Safe Park" For Vulnerable Children in Zambia

The Big Picture

Goal: $12,000
  $5,000 raised
A high incidence of HIV, AIDS and malaria together with low education levels and a high rate of unemployment characterizes the community of Matero, in Lusaka Zambia. Most residents are extremely poor and live on less than $2 per day. Most children suffer from mental health issues due to loss of a parent, HIV, stigma, food insecurity, and/or living with extended family who have minimal resources. These children do not have a safe place to play and learn. This project is oopen and free to children from the community to to participate in educational games and activities which can improve mental health issues such as trauma, apathy, grief. In 2020, COVID education is being provided in a safe manner. Result is COVID prevention and improved mental and physical health. 760 children are enrolled and about 30-40 participate each week.

Impact of Your Donation

Donations will be used to organize educational games, workshops on HIV, purchase toys, and snacks for 70-80 children every week.

Impact Areas

Focus Areas: Education, Health, Poverty
Countries Served: Zambia

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