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Removing mines to make families safe in Kosovo

The Big Picture

Goal: $10,000
  $0 raised
There have been 580 reported accidents caused by landmines, cluster munitions, and other unexploded ammunition left from the conflict in the late 1990s. Explosive debris continues to litter the countryside, buried in fields and family gardens. This project will fund deminers to clear a minefield in Dimce, Kovoso, benefiting over 160 people in the village. Once cleared, these families can grow crops, gather wood, and live their lives free from the threat of mines. All donations will be matched.

Impact of Your Donation

The project will hire and train local men and women in Kosovo who will use metal detectors to methodically locate and destroy landmines and other debris of war. Our work prevents casualties and our deminers earn a living wage while helping to make their village and farms safer. Once the land is cleared, farmers can safely cultivate crops and support their families for generations. An anonymous donor has pledged to match every dollar donated to clear all minefields for a mine-free Kosovo by 2020.

Impact Areas

Focus Areas: Economic Development, Human Rights, Poverty, Food & Agriculture
Countries Served: Kosovo, Republic of
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