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Rebuild and Equip the Christians in Nineveh Plain of Northern Iraq

The Big Picture

Goal: $50,000
  $2,500 raised
Christians of this historic cradle of the faith have returned to their towns but there is little support for the rebuilding effort from public sources. They have lost everything as entire villages have been demolished. There are no schools, no playgrounds, no gymnasiums for the children. The business and shops are barren and empty so there are no Dentists, Beauty Salons, Barber Shops, Hardware stores, etc.. They also need to rebuild their agricultural infrastructure as the tools and supplies for farming and raising livestock were all lost or destroyed. They just need the basics of survival in order to restart life. Christians in the region need your help so that all the people of the Nineveh Plain can remain in their homes, and those who have been displaced outside the region can return to it. We would like to assist some of these businesses and schools by providing the funding to rebuild and/or reequip them so that they will be able to open and operate and thus employ people.

Impact of Your Donation

Our goal is to help these Christians by providing the funding for the basic necessities to rebuild business and school facilities which have been destroyed. By providing these funds the CHristians can rebuild and equip their schools and businesses with the vital and necessary operational equipment and tools so that they can again function to serve their community sufficiently and adequately.

Impact Areas

Focus Areas: Children, Disaster Relief, Economic Development, Health, Human Rights, Food & Agriculture
Countries Served: Iraq

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