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Providing Free School Uniforms for Poor Children

The Big Picture

Goal: $5,500
  $0 raised
While our children are encouraged and supported to continue their schooling for as long they can, not all will choose or be able to attend university. Consequently, NOH established the Chelsea Education and Community Center (CECC) with a Sustainable Livelihoods Program to provide both vocational and life skills training. Several of our older girls from the tailoring class have completed their formal education and are concentrating on developing their sewing and clothes-making skills. They are already making our children's school uniforms. We would like for them to open up their own tailoring business one day. A delegation of our older children would travel to Dumrikharka, a remote poor village with the Shree Sham primary school which Nepal Orphans Home has supported, to do a headcount and measure the school children for uniforms. The older children in the CECC tailoring and shoe-making classes would then make the uniforms and shoes, and arrange for them to be delivered to the village.

Impact of Your Donation

Total Production Cost of Two School Uniforms and a Pair of Shoes for 125 children: $5,500
--Cost of school uniform (two school shirts and two pairs of pants or two skirts): $30
Material ($14) and Labor ($6)

--Cost of pair of school shoes: Material ($6) and Labor ($4)

Total Cost of Transportation and Distribution: $500

Impact Areas

Focus Areas: Children, Education, Poverty
Countries Served: Nepal

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