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Provide Food for Our Orphans

The Big Picture

Goal: $88,000
  $6,000 raised
Consider contributing to our food program -- we provide breakfast and lunch daily to our 600 students, orphans and destitute children in rural southwest Kenya, and to our 54 staff at our 2 primary schools. For about $125 you can provide everyone at one of our schools meals for a day. We spend about $8,000 each month including both schools and have an annual budget of $88,00. This includes dinners for those who stay on-campus for evening studies and also additional food for some families for times when they have no food in the home. We believe that food is important not only for basic health and nutrition but also for our students to be successful in their studies.

Impact of Your Donation

100% of funds raised will go to the food programs in Kenya as described above in this isolated rural area where there is virtually no opportunity for income and many go hungry between the harvests of their gardens.

Impact Areas

Focus Areas: Children, Education, Health, Poverty, Food & Agriculture
Countries Served: Kenya

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