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Provide Access to Life Giving Water: Pull Pump Well

The Big Picture

Goal: $8,000
  $6,000 raised
Without technical and financial support, rural communities in Siem Reap province, Cambodia cannot develop beyond a level of subsistence, and remain in a state of poverty where survival is a struggle. To help fill this void, Trailblazer Foundation works with the poorest communities in the province, and is most well-known for helping our partner villages secure clean and abundant water?because water is life.
Complementing our efforts to provide clean water technologies to our village partners, is our effort to also provide abundant water via the drilling of new wells. Without a nearby well, most villagers need to transport water long distances. Depending on the proximity of village families, each well provides easy and abundant access to water to one-to-three families for personal and agricultural needs.

Impact of Your Donation

Each donation of $320 provides one-to-three rural families with a PVC pull pump well and gives them a year-round access to water for personal and agricultural uses.

DONATION WILL PROVIDE: Access to Water | Health and Nutrition | Improved Environment | Increased Crop Yield

Impact Areas

Focus Areas: Health, Food & Agriculture
Countries Served: Cambodia

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