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Polio Victims Home Repair & Renovation

The Big Picture

Goal: $24,500
  $0 raised
Vets With A Mission met children in the late 1980's and early 1990's, at a polio orphanage in Saigon. Now these children are adults, who live in houses that need repair and/or renovation. There are nine homes to be repaired/renovated. Seven habe been completed over the past thrity months. Two homes remain to be repaired/renovated. It is amazing that this relationship has existed for twenty-five years plus, and the Vietnam vets who served in the war continue to help these polio stricken victims, some who cannot walk or work full-time.

Impact of Your Donation

Repair and renovation of homes occupied by polio victims. Leaking roofs, cracked walls, broken windows, floor reepairs, electrical wiring and light replacement, ceililng fans & air-conditining (When appropriate), bathroom & kitchen renovations, windows & doors, etc., and so on.

Impact Areas

Focus Areas: Children, Economic Development, Health, Poverty, Gender & Equality, Spiritual Poverty
Countries Served: Vietnam

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