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New Clinic and quarantine

The Big Picture

Goal: $150,000
  $0 raised
Merazonia has achieved groundbreaking rehabilitation and release programs for trafficked Amazon wildlife. In the past years we have successfully rehabilitated and released several species of primates (red howler monkeys, woolly monkeys, tamarin monkeys) two- and three-toed sloths, various felines (ocelots, margay, jaguarundis), coatis, blue-headed parrots neotropical otters and anteaters.
The coming years we need to focus on building a new clinic and quarantine area. More and more Amazon animals arrive in very poor state after they fell victim to the illegal trade.
Our plan is to create the best jungle based wildlife clinic in Ecuador and South America in which we will be able to perform complicated surgeries for all wildlife in need, but also collect valuable data from the species that are brought to our reserve.
The new clinic will include a sterile operation room, a laboratory as well as a variety of surgical and research equipment and recovery rooms.

Impact of Your Donation

The new clinic will have
- A sterile operation room
- Examination room
- Various recovery rooms
- A laboratory
- Recovery rooms
- Various quarantine areas for newly arrived animals
- Surgical equipment (surgical table, anaesthetic machine, x-ray machine, ultrasound machine, electrosurgical equipment, scanner, endoscopy, microscopes, centrifuges, warming units

The renovation of the exciting to rooms of the clinic
Purchase of more medical equipment and stainless steel tables

Impact Areas

Focus Areas: Technology, Environment, Animals
Countries Served: Ecuador

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