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Moving Citizens into Action

The Big Picture

Goal: $75,000
  $30,000 raised
When the Giraffe Heroes Project tells the inspiring stories of real heroes, many others are energized to take on significant public problems too. Telling heroes' stories may be a simple strategy for promoting active citizenship but it works, as it has for thousands of years. Our success with this strategy depends on how impactful we can make our stories. We need to substantially upgrade both the quantity and quality of our presence on social media, so that we can survive and prosper in the current fierce competition for attention there. And we need to add professionally done videos and pictures to our social media messages and website as part of making both more attractive and effective. For today's audiences, especially the younger users of social media, pictures are everything. The challenge is that that today we have almost no good video of the 1400 Giraffe Heroes now in our database and not nearly enough good still photos.

Impact of Your Donation

Your gift will fund: 1) Hiring a pro to keep us abreast of the constantly shifting algorithms on Facebook and making our Twitter and Instagram feeds more interactive; and 2) Creating new videos and still pictures of Giraffe Heroes in action and caching them in our searchable database at www.giraffe.org, available free to anyone in the online world. Images, both still and moving, add an emotional connection that too many people, especially the young, don?t find in merely reading a story.

Impact Areas

Focus Areas: Children, Economic Development, Education, Environment, Health, Human Rights, Poverty, Conflict Resolution, Food & Agriculture
Countries Served:
All 231 countries:
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