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Latrines give a family a safe and dignified place to toilet

The Big Picture

Goal: $7,000
  $4,000 raised
Building latrines may be inglorious work, but it is a critical step in advancing the health of rural communities. In Cambodia?s Siem Reap province, Trailblazer Foundation builds latrines so families will no longer live without a private, safe, dignified, hygienic toilet, and trains the villagers on the proper use and care of each latrine.

The UN highlights the importance of toilets in supporting better nutrition and improved health. Latrines tie into a worldwide health strategy known as WASH [Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene] interrelated health programs that improve health, life expectancy, student learning, gender equality, and other key benefits in developing countries.

A donation of $175 can provide a family with a safe, comfortable, private, and hygienic place to toilet. Without a latrine, families are forced to defecate on the ground in bushes surrounding their homes. This practice is not safe for the environment, nor children or women in particular, especially at night.

Impact of Your Donation

A $175 donation will provide the basic set up for new latrines (concrete septic tanks, latrine floor and toilet bowl). Villagers invest in the project by providing the dirt needed for the foundation of the latrine and by constructing the latrines? walls and roof structure.
DONATION WILL PROVIDE: Health and Sanitation | Improved Hygiene, Dignity and Safety

Impact Areas

Focus Areas: Health
Countries Served: Cambodia

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