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SYCR Education Program: Building Compassion

The Big Picture

Goal: $10,000
  $180 raised
We recognize that the youth are critical to the survival of future generations of wildlife, and we are engaging with school children in innovative ways. We have developed a children's book, Je Protg Les Chimpanzs (I Protect the Chimpanzees) and designed a fun five-day classroom program using the book as a centerpiece.

The education program includes reading, discussion and comprehension exercises, interactive art and pre and post-program surveys. At the end of the program the children are left with a sense of pride about the unique biodiversity of Cameroon's beautiful forests, an understanding of chimpanzees as kindred beings who deserve respect and protection, an appreciation of the importance of the humane treatment of all animals, and an awareness of their responsibility as future environmental stewards.

Impact of Your Donation

Carrying out the five-day program in village schools costs an average of $5 per child, and includes expenses for the children's book, art supplies, certificates, surveys, the education coordinator salary and his transportation, room and board during the classes.

Impact Areas

Focus Areas: Children, Education, Environment, Animals
Countries Served: Cameroon

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