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"I Build Up Hope" campaign for Christian Children in Alqosh village, N. Iraq

The Big Picture

Goal: $21,000
  $11,000 raised
We are helping Christian Children in Iraq with funding for gymnasium and playground facilities in their war torn and devastated villages that will give great relief, help and healing for these persecuted Christian children, especially the orphans. The villages in Nineveh plain of Iraq were attacked and captured by ISIS in both 2014 and 2016. Fortunately the jihadis were driven out during both occasions.

Christians of this historic cradle of the faith have returned to their towns but there is little support for the rebuilding effort from public sources such as the UN, which means these funds are truly non-existent. It's been made possible almost entirely by private donors.
After two years of its liberation from ISIS, the Nineveh Plain area still needs much help. Christians in the region need your help so that all the people of the Nineveh Plain can remain in their homes, and those who have been displaced outside the region can return to it. Children have been especially hit hard.

Impact of Your Donation

A project in the city of Alqosh in the Nineveh plain in Iraq for a Chaldean Catholic Church to build a recreational area for Christian children in their village so they have a place to gather, play & heal from the scars of war. These funds will allow for a volleyball playing field area to be made ready for AstroTurf, fencing to be provided, sports equipment to be purchased & bathrooms and a playroom constructed so the children can have what they need to begin the process of healing.

Impact Areas

Focus Areas: Children, Disaster Relief, Economic Development, Human Rights, Poverty
Countries Served: Iraq

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