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Helping our Kids Become Heroes

The Big Picture

Goal: $65,000
  $25,000 raised
The Giraffe Heroes Project needs your support for our K-12 curriculum, helping kids from kindergarten through high school build lives as courageous, compassionate citizens. In the process, they learn critical literacy and other academic and life skills.

By guiding kids through real-world experiences of participating actively in community service - starting in the schoolyard and extending out from there - Giraffe programs for kids instill values of service, engaged citizenship and leadership. In an age when so much is thrown at kids that's confusing and threatening, the Giraffe curriculum give them something to say Yes! to. The program is proactive and immediate: it teaches kids they can be valuable community leaders now. We've gotten hundreds of reactions like these from teachers:

The Giraffe Heroes curriculum has an impact like nothing else. It's not just something they've memorized; they are learning to live it. This is powerful, powerful stuff.
- Sandra Barbaro, Mahopac NY

Impact of Your Donation

Your gift will fund 1) an expanded social media presence that will tell teachers worldwide about this incredible curriculum, most of which is available as free downloads from our website; and 2) adding video to our stories of heroes as the way to strengthen our reach to that all-important audience of young people. We need to start creating short, one-minute vignettes of heroes in action, videos that will be credible and inspiring to teens on their smartphones and tablets using, e.g., Instagram.

Impact Areas

Focus Areas: Education, Conflict Resolution
Countries Served:
All 8 countries:
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