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Help to Rescue a Chimpanzee from Cruelty!

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Help Us Rescue Chimpanzees, Gorillas, and Monkeys in Peril

Will you donate today to make it possible to save the next animal from cruelty and abuse?

Fatou is just one example:

"We found a patas monkey that was kept as a pet and then abandoned. There are no sanctuaries in Senegal. The situation is desperate."

Countless monkeys and great apes are orphaned by bushmeat hunters, kept as illegal pets, or smuggled into the illicit wildlife trade.

PASA has 23 member sanctuaries in 13 African countries. We reached out to our members in the region, and Fatou is now receiving outstanding care from CRP's experienced staff.

As the only alliance of wildlife centers in Africa, PASA is in a unique position to help primates in inhumane and abusive situations.

Fatou's rescue was only possible because of compassionate people like you. Please make a contribution now to save the next animal like Fatou and bring her to a sanctuary.

Africa's great apes and monkeys desperately need you.
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