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Help a woman reclaim her dignity

The Big Picture

Goal: $11,500
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She's cast from her home. She's shunned by her community. She's unable to control her body's most basic functions.

She becomes an outcast, because she suffers from an obstetric fistula.

More than two million women and girls worldwide suffer from this injury that can develops while trying to deliver a child. During prolonged, obstructed labor, the tissue between the vagina and urinary tract rips. Most women deliver stillborn babies. The injury makes them incontinent -- constantly, uncontrollably dripping urine or feces.

Ashamed, abandoned, smelly she likely has no idea that fistula surgery is 85 percent successful and that Worldwide Fistula Fund offers it for free.

Help us continue to heal women and girls who suffer from devastating childbirth injuries. Let's heal 20 women in Burkina Faso together by raising $11,500.

Impact of Your Donation

Fistula surgeries

Impact Areas

Focus Areas: Children, Health, Gender & Equality
Countries Served: Burkina Faso

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