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Health and Well-Being in Rural Uganda

The Big Picture

Goal: $50,000
  $20,000 raised
UVPs five program areas include: HIV/AIDS and STIs, malaria, WASH, reproductive health and family planning, and obstetric fistula. Our key activities include: community outreaches and sensitizations; HIV and malaria testing, treatment, and counseling; contraceptive access (long and short term); cervical cancer screening; WASH education and house-to-house visits to observe and improve sanitation facilities; borehole well construction and repair; and obstetric fistula repair surgeries.

We are an entrepreneurial, nimble organization that is successful because we prioritize the involvement of our beneficiary communities and offer our talented local staff members the opportunity to make suggestions and improvements to programming. Our close partnerships with the local government and partner NGOs in Iganga District is also a key contribution to our success.

Impact of Your Donation

UVP depends on donations from foundations and individual donors to improve health in Iganga. Your gift allows us to heal women with fistula, support communities to build latrines, test couples for HIV, provide subsidized mosquito nets to keep families free from malaria, and more. We are grateful for you support and solidarity! Twekembe... working together for a healthier Uganda!

Impact Areas

Focus Areas: Children, Health
Countries Served: Uganda

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